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Honda Associate Follows Her Passion for the Ocean

Raminta Jautokas helps lead Honda environmental sustainability efforts

From a young age, Raminta Jautokas has had a deep love for the ocean and a passion for cars. These interests led her to the role of corporate sustainability manager at Honda, where she strives to help Honda minimize its environmental footprint by recommending ways to reduce carbon emissions, while helping lead the Honda Marine Science Foundation. Her position enables her to address climate change in a way that helps people both understand the urgency and how to take action.

“Honda cares about the products we make and also really wants associates to be good citizens,” said Jautokas. “At Honda, we are focused on improving the environment and addressing the changes that are coming in the future.”

Jautokas has been able to express her passion for the ocean through her work with the Honda Marine Science Foundation, which helps to restore marine ecosystems and facilitate climate change resilience. For her, this was truly an example of Honda’s belief in The Power of Dreams.

Over her lifetime, Jautokas says she has witnessed the negative impact that pollution and climate change has had on the ocean.

“The ocean covers so much of the earth and it is something we would like to help improve through the Honda Marine Science Foundation,” said Jautokas. “My hope is that the work we are doing now will help future generations enjoy the same things that I have enjoyed.”

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About the Honda Marine Science Foundation

Established in 2016, The Honda Marine Science Foundation is an initiative to help restore marine ecosystems and facilitate climate change resilience. The foundation supports efforts that improve and preserve coastal areas for future generations. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of sato-umi – the convergence of land and sea where human and marine life can harmoniously coexist – HMSF is dedicated to addressing the impact of climate change on our oceans and intertidal areas. The foundation’s board includes marine science researchers and leaders from public and non-governmental organizations who are committed to ocean conservation and restoration

Honda Corporate Social Responsibility

Honda seeks to be a company that society wants to exist, creating products and technologies that improve the lives of people while minimizing the environmental impacts of its products and business operations to ensure a sustainable future.

Honda also is committed to making positive contributions to the communities where it does business, conducting socially responsible business practices and promoting diversity in its workforce. From Honda’s involvement in STEM education and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to its support of pediatric brain tumor research and volunteer efforts by Honda associates, including environmental clean-up activities, Honda believes in giving back to the communities where its associates live and work. Learn more at

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Honda Marine Receives 2018 Customer Satisfaction Index Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association Company Earns Recognition for Fifteenth Consecutive Year

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the leading association representing recreational boating in North America, has named Honda Marine as a recipient of the prestigious 2018 Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for outboard engines. This marks the fifteenth consecutive year that NMMA has honored Honda Marine, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. and marketer of complete range of four-stroke marine outboard motors, with this recognition.

The NMMA presented the 2018 CSI award today at a breakfast ceremony at the Miami International Boat Show at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin. The accolade is based on the overall satisfaction rating of owners for their outboard engines and acknowledges companies that actively measure customer satisfaction to pursue continuous improvement. Award recipients have achieved and maintained an independently measured standard of 90 percent or higher in customer satisfaction during the past year, based on customer surveys.

“Honda Marine continually analyzes market trends and customer feedback, working to ensure that all of our portable outboard and marine engine models—ranging from 2.3 to 250 horsepower—set the standard for fuel efficiency and ease of operation while staying true to the core Honda attributes of durability, quality, reliability and quiet operation,” said Michael Rickey, Senior Manager, Honda Marine. “We are proud to have earned the CSI recognition from NMMA for 15 years running, and the award is testament that Honda Marine continuously improves and innovates to offer products that best serve the heart of the marine market, all while enhancing the boating experience for our customers.”

The NMMA Marine Industry CSI program provides a uniform measure of customer satisfaction across the full range of boats, engines and dealers in the recreational marine industry. Manufacturers and dealers can gauge customer satisfaction with their products and service experience and compare these satisfaction rates across all recreational boating segments. The program conducts two surveys with new boat and engine customers during the first year of ownership. The first survey is sent shortly after the time of boat delivery, and the second is sent nine months later. Together, the two surveys track customer satisfaction with the product, sales experience, delivery, and service process as well as product quality.

Honda Marine features four-stroke outboard engine technology for fuel efficiency and quiet operation. Honda outboards share the same unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability as its legendary automobiles.

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The Honda Power Of Boating Celebration: Sales Promotion to Launch the 2016 Boating Season

  • New sales promotion supports dealers and consumers for spring purchase season
  • Sales campaign provides incentives for range of Honda outboards


Honda Marine announces The Honda Power Of Boating Celebration, a new sales promotion geared to supporting dealers and their customers—consumers who want to choose Honda Marine outboards during the 2016 spring marine purchase season. The promotion, in place now and running through June 3, 2016, provides attractive incentives to buyers of a wide range of legendary, innovative 4-stroke Honda Marine outboard engine models.

The sales campaign allows buyers to choose between cash incentives or Honda Marine accessories. Buyers can save as much as $700 instantly or choose a stainless propeller and engine cover with the purchase of any new Honda Marine outboard engine, in models ranging from the BF40 through the BF250. The qualifying engines are mid-range and high-power models equipped with Honda exclusives that set industry standards of quality reliability and performance.

The Honda Power Of Boating Celebration includes the following models and incentives:

  • BF225–BF250:
$700 rebate or stainless prop and engine cover
  • BF135–BF200:
$600 rebate or stainless prop and engine cover
  • BF60–BF115:
$500 rebate or stainless prop and engine cover
  • BF40–BF50:
$400 rebate or stainless prop and engine cover

“Premium quality, reliability, technology and fuel efficiency have made Honda an automotive legend, and those same strengths are built into every Honda Marine outboard engine,” said Mark DiPietro, senior manager, Honda Marine. “Equally important for owners of Honda Marine engines, all new Honda outboard engines sold for recreational use offer an industry-best True 5-year, non-declining limited factory warranty that is the same on the last day as it is on the first.”

Additional details about The Honda Power Of Boating Celebration are available at authorized Honda Marine dealers or online at  This Honda Marine sales promotion also runs concurrently with the Honda Dream Garage Sales Event: from now through May 8, Honda is offering consumers special purchase pricing deals on a vast array of Honda products ranging from cars to motorcycles, ATVs, and outdoor power equipment. For more information on the Honda Dream Garage Sales Event, please visit

“Between these two spring promotions, Honda offers an incredible range of products that no other company can match—offerings that bring advanced performance and technological innovation to consumers across a range of applications,” added DiPietro.

Spotlight On Honda Marine Outboards

The BF40 – BF250 range of Honda Marine outboards included in The Honda Power Of Boating Celebration incorporate innovative, advanced design elements, making these engines leading outboard choice among today’s boating enthusiasts. Depending on the model, a number of Honda Exclusives are incorporated into the design of these mid-range and high-power outboards:

  • Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST®) System dramatically improves hole shot and acceleration by advancing ignition spark timing to within one degree of the knock limit during ‘hammer down’ acceleration. The Engine Control Module (ECM) then steps in to increase injector timing, creating a more potent air/fuel mixture. The resulting boost in available torque at low rpm contributes to a strong hole shot to get the boat up on plane quickly. The ignition spark timing is appropriately adjusted under slower throttle advancement, ensuring a leaner air/fuel mix and class-leading fuel efficiency. (BF40, BF50, BF60, BF75, BF90, BF100, BF115, BF135, BF150, BF200, BF225, BF250)
  • Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC™), a Honda exclusive, utilizes mild cam lobes to operate intake valves at low rpm, then engages a high-output lobe for higher-rpm operation. The exclusive design provides a unique blend of power, torque, and efficiency at any speed. (BF90, BF100, BF150, BF225, BF250)
  • Intelligent Shift and Throttle™ (Drive by Wire iST™) provides effortless, electronic shifting via a compact under-the-cowl design. (BF250)
  • Lean Burn Control™ automatically adjusts the air/fuel mix according to speed and load while maximizing power throughout the acceleration range – providing as much as 20 percent greater fuel efficiency in cruise mode (2,000 to 4,500 rpm). (BF40, BF50, BF60, BF75, BF90, BF100, BF115, BF135, BF150, BF200, BF225, BF250)
  • 3-Way Cooling System reduces engine heat by allowing the cylinder head to run slightly cooler than the cylinder block, greatly reducing engine wear. (BF75, BF90, BF100, BF115, BF135, BF150)
  • 4-Front Corrosion Protection System, a patented double-sealed, multi-layer paint process, fights off corrosion from harsh marine environments. The base is a corrosion-resistant Honda aluminum alloy, followed by a double-sealed treatment, an epoxy primer undercoat, and an acrylic resin metallic coating, finished with a clear overcoat of acrylic. (BF2.3 – BF250)
  • Engine Command System constantly accepts input from 18 different sensors to help deliver clean starts, smooth operation, strong performance and excellent fuel efficiency. (BF40, BF50, BF60, BF75, BF90, BF100, BF115, BF135, BF150, BF200, BF225, BF250)

Honda outboard marine engines deliver best-of-class features across the line, offering advanced technology and exclusive features that can’t be found anywhere else. Honda Marine also sets the industry standard for customer satisfaction, having earned the National Marine Manufacturers Association Customer Satisfaction Index Award 12 years in a row.

All Honda outboard engines share the same unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability of legendary Honda automobiles. In addition, Honda Marine exclusively features four-stroke outboard engine technology for high fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. With models ranging from 2.3 to 250 horsepower, the full line of Honda Marine current production models all certify to California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3-Star standards, ensuring their availability and regulatory compliance in all 50 states.